General Terms & Conditions

Accessibility: Please submit a written description of any individual requirements for learning to NSF Training & Education Services at

Criteria for Successful Completion: NSF Training & Education Services (TES) issues a Certificate of Completion for successful completion of all learning event criteria including:

  1. Sign-in at the commencement of the learning event,
  2. 100% attendance in all sessions
  3. Full participation in (and satisfactory completion of) all related program activities, including group activities, required assignments and relevant assessments

TES does not issue Certificates of Attendance per our accreditation policies. All success criteria must be met in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Request for Official Learner Record: An Official Learner Record is a complete record of your satisfactory completion of learning events. A £60 fee for each copy requested will be charged (plus applicable courier fees). Requests can be made in writing to NSF Training & Education Services at   

Technology or Materials Requirement: Unless noted otherwise, participants are not required to bring any specific technological devices (i.e. computers, laptops, handheld devices etc.) or special materials to class. Should there be any special requirements for a given learning event, notice will be provided by email two weeks prior to the event date.

Instructional Techniques and Methods: A variety of instructional techniques and methods may be used throughout the program, including lecture, large and small group discussion, simulation, skills demonstration, case studies, handouts, instructional DVD, question and answer periods, pre- and post-testing, and quizzes.

Assessment: Various assessment tools, techniques, and methods may be used to assess participant learning and achievement of learning objectives. These may include quizzes/examinations, case studies, discussion, skills/knowledge demonstration, instructor evaluation, and feedback (group and individual).

Notice of Unsatisfactory Completion: Participants who fail to meet the criteria for successful completion (stated above) will not satisfactorily complete the training program and will not be eligible to receive the NSF Training & Education Services Certificate of Completion.

Notice of Successful Completion: Participants who meet all completion criteria relevant to the training event will receive NSF Training & Education Services’ Certificate of Completion upon conclusion of the event.

Notice of Proprietary Interest: Prior to the commencement of a learning event, NSF Training & Education Services will disclose any instructor’s proprietary interest in any product, instrument, service or material to be discussed during the learning event or source of third-party compensation related to the presentation.

Cancellation or Postponement: In the event of a cancellation or postponement of the scheduled course date by you, the following will apply, NSF Training & Education Services requires a minimum of 14 business days’ notice for any cancellation.  If less than 14 business days’ notice is given, the full cost of the course fee plus applicable expenses will be invoiced.

NSF Training & Education Services reserves the right to change the course content and/or trainer, at any time. NSF Training & Education Services reserves the right to alter or cancel published dates and change venues without liability.  However, in these circumstances, delegates will be offered an alternative date or a full refund.

Confidentiality: The work and information produced as a result of this proposal is strictly confidential. NSF Training & Education Services publishes no work directly related to Client projects unless explicitly agreed to by the Client. NSF Training & Education Services undertakes to protect the privacy of each of our learners and the confidentiality of the Client’s business information. NSF Training & Education Services will only disclose learner records (1) to the individual learner, (2) to a third party when directed by the individual learner, or (3) in the event of private training for employees of a corporation, to that corporation. All employees and contractors of NSF Training & Education Services must respect the confidential nature of the information which they acquire in the course of their work.

Warranty: NSF Training & Education Services warrants that it has the skills, experience, equipment and personnel required to carry out this project.  NSF Training & Education Services will use its best efforts, including staff and technical expertise in support of this project.  However, because of the technical uncertainty of development projects, success cannot be guaranteed.  Also, NSF Training & Education Services does not guarantee the commercial success of any product or invention developed here.

Endorsement: Fulfillment of part or all of a Service Contract does not imply endorsement by NSF Training & Education Services of any of the Client’s products, process, or claims.  The use of NSF Training & Education Serices’ name in any promotional activity (verbal, written, or video, etc.) is, therefore, strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of NSF Training & Education Services.

Conflict of Interests: This Agreement is a contract for the performance of a service.  NSF Training & Education Services is an independent contractor.  Therefore, NSF Training & Education Services, its employees, or any of its agents, will not be, at any point in time, considered as employees of the Client and no partnership or joint venture is herein implied.

Intellectual Property: NSF Training & Education Services retains copyright ownership and intellectual property of all NSF Training & Education Services created curricula, content and media assets and the curriculum content cannot be used outside the courses without prior written approval by the NSF Training & Education Services.

Liability: NSF Training & Education Services shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damages suffered by the Client or any others resulting from the use of the results, Deliverables, and/or products of the Technical Services Contract.  The Client releases and forever discharges NSF Training & Education Services and all members of NSF Training & Education Services from all claim demands, damage actions or causes of action howsoever arising from or by reason of a Client’s employee being present during or taking part in the performance of this Technical Services contract.  The Client further releases the Centre and servants from any and all claims or demands whatsoever or howsoever arising in law or in equity resulting from the use of the Client or reliance by the Client upon the results, Deliverables, and/or products of the Technical Services Contract.

Laws & Enforcement: This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario/State of Michigan. If any part or parts of this Agreement becomes invalid, or is ruled illegal, or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, or is deemed unenforceable under current applicable law, only said part will be removed, while all other remaining parts of the agreement will remain valid and enforceable.

Amendment: Changes to the contract required as a result of findings derived from the work, or initiated by the Client, irrespective of the work being carried out, need to be documented in writing.   Both parties need to agree to the changes by signing the written proposed changes.  These changes will be added to the initial contract and will constitute the new agreement.  Changes made to the contract may alter the value/cost of the project; these too must also be agreed upon. Client-requested changes to program duration may impact ability to cover agreed upon deliverables and meet learning objectives, and additional costs may be incurred for development required to restructure the program.

Binding: This Agreement shall endure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective successors.  This contract may not be assigned by the Client without the written consent of NSF Training & Education Services, which may be arbitrarily refused.

NSF Training & Education Services Privacy Policy: NSF Training & Education Services is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information of each learner and maintains confidentiality of personal information in accordance with the NSF International Privacy Policy available at

Email Marketing: NSF Training & Education Services usage of email addresses is for the express purpose of client information sharing. This applies to email addresses obtained through various website monitoring techniques such as “clickstream”. NSF Training & Education Services does not release or sell any obtained email addresses and does not use these addresses for the transmission of third-party marketing.