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BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 Lead Auditor

Training location : Virtual

Training start date : 13 November 2023

Training duration : 5 day(s)

Training price : £1345 + VAT

Course Overview:

This 5 day in-depth course will provide an understanding of the Standard in terms of the protocol, requirements and how to audit effectively. Delegates will gain an in-depth guide to the requirements of the Standard, and learn how to undertake a BRCGS audit, including effective planning, conducting and reporting of the audit. Auditing techniques will be practised and developed, to include the auditor competency skills required of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme auditors.

Target Audience:

This course is for those who are Certification body auditors or new auditors seeking registration, technical and quality managers who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the audit process, consultants.

Prerequisite for this course is to have the following:

Downloaded and read a copy of the Global Standard prior to attendance.
Completed a HACCP course of at least two days duration.

Training Contents:

  • The details of the scheme
  • The requirements of the Standard and how compliance can be demonstrated
  • BRC Global Standards auditing protocol
  • Effective auditing techniques
  • Understand the background & benefits of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • Understand the relationship with SALSA, ISO and GFSI-benchmarked Standards.
  • Know the fundamental clauses and statements of intent.
  • Understand audit methodology, the enrolment program and the audit schemes.
  • Know how to close an audit and deal with corrective actions.
  • Know how reports are uploaded onto the BRCGS Directory & how certificates are issued.
  • Understand the benefits of a BRC Global Standards Directory listing.
  • Understand how certification bodies are monitored for compliance by BRC Global Standards.

Other Dates for This Training:

This course can be delivered in-house at your premises contact us for more information.

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